Reckless Wedding

Reckless Wedding

-Maria Flook

The poems in Reckless Wedding are often about the histories that begin in childhood and proceed or disappear; about love and the evidence of love. What was left destroyed better describes what was originally constructed. The afterlife attains more power and identity than its first flesh. In these poems, the abandoned survive with a greater liberty to think for themselves; they gain a pure, uninhibited vision.

“This poet has the power to see unexpected resemblances—a wonderfully unsettling mix of sexual contamination and back attic mustiness.”
—The New York Times

“Flook is spiky, flamboyant and fierce.”
—Poetry Magazine

“Maria Flook’s poetry is strenuous and demanding of attention because she does not pull any punches: she talks about things as they are at full emotion depth. There is nothing pretty-pretty about this young woman. I’m certain she’s a major talent.”
—Alan Dugan