-Maria Flook

Flook’s stories enter the the raw sanctuaries where men and women connect. In these eight unveiled liaisons sexual desire is presented in its deepest reaches and its full human scale. In “Rhode Island Fish Company” a woman’s maternal instincts run amok and kindle a startling betrayal; in “Prince of Motown” a household enters a crazy bereavement when Marvin Gaye is murdered; in “Lane” a man volunteers a point-by-point confession of threatening, bitter lust. In writing that is psychologically precise and funny, Flook evokes her characters’ carnal debts, hardships and coldblooded consummations, evoking their purest motives.

“Ms. Flook is clearly an accomplished stylist. Her writing never succumbs to cliché, and there is a metaphorical opulence to her prose.”
—New York Times Book Review

“With richness and sophistication. . .rooted in elegance and surprising humor, these stories unveil new truths with an unerring, compassionate voice.”