Maria Flook First Person Female

Maria Flook

 In this breathtaking memoir, First Person Female, New York Times bestseller Maria Flook gives a sizzling account of her coming of age as a novelist. With unrelenting realism and comic detours, Flook maps her literary career, book after book. She reveals literary connections that were blurred and transformed by sexual liaisons, including an illicit affair with her longtime New York editor. The narrative presents shocking glimpses of her secret life, her frank vision as a realist writer, and her role as a mother facing her child’s life and death struggle with cancer. In First Person Female, we see a writer both charged and entrapped by fixation and loss, a woman in exile consumed by family betrayals, trysts at hotels, and visits with her son in the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit.

“Fascinating and disturbing.  Flook is no stranger to the territory of  sexual and romantic ambiguity.  Everyone keeps schemes and secrets from the others; in the kaleidoscopic movement of Mothers and Lovers, we get to know them all.  —Los Angeles Times

“Best-selling author Maria Flook’s edgy new saga is spiked with lyrically erotic overtones in this daring tale of temptation and taboo.”  —Elle Magazine

“Flook is drawn to stories about people who have boundary issues.  She has the ability to capture the thrill of flouting taboos and also the compassion to reserve judgement about people.  A disquieting story.”  —Booklist

“Sexual tensions compound with sexual secrets until they burst open.”  — Kirkus

“Flook’s artistic intentions are clear and realized. . . unified by her subtly, witty, deep dives into family dynamics, and forbidden acts and desires.” —Boston Globe